That Carry-On Life Tho

I do some of my best writing with a slightly sweet whiskey hangover, and since the #PIC and I went on our first “real” date last night (read: got dressed up to drink whiskey in public), I thought today would be a good day to touch base with you, my loyal readers.

I have long subscribed to the minimalist theory of packing, a stark contrast from my female partner in crime, the Goddess of Love, who comes prepared for anything and has saved my ass a few times. *You’ll begin to notice as I mention my life mates, I’ll use nicknames to  protect identities, add spice to my writing, and hell, just because it’s more fun that way.*  But even I, firm believer in the carry on life, thought that I would have trouble fitting an entire year into the two bag limit imposed by Remote Year.  I mean, if variety is the spice of life, how do you pack outfits for an ENTIRE YEAR on the go?

Step 1: Admit that you do not need 21 pair of Lululemon shorts.  Even though I’m planning on seeing if I can go the entire year in nothing but workout clothes and cotton dresses.

Step 2:  Ask those that have gone before.  And by ask, I mean watch a pre-recorded webinar, because I can’t be bothered to stick to a schedule and actually attend.  The most devastating piece of advice I got from it was to try to blend in.  There goes all my graphic tees. *Still taking my Whiskey & Weights tank.  Stupid American status be damned.*

Step 3:  Watch a YouTube video (or 7) on rolling, then decide your way is better than all and just do the damn thing.

Step 4:  Tell your friends they can come see you.  But they are required to refresh your wardrobe.  I know the Goddess is going to have a hard time giving up valuable suitcase real estate for me.

Step 5:  Just let it go.  But first, get super frustrated.  It’s the best path to realizing that its just stuff, and as long as I have the essentials, I can get the rest of the way with my sparkling personality and saber tooth wit.

So that’s it, my lovers of Random.  I am now packed into one 33 lb suitcase and a backpack, with room to spare I might add. I wasn’t able to achieve carry-on only status, but I’m still pretty happy with what I’m packin’.


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