Back in March, I pulled the trigger on some amazing photographs from a wildly talented friend of mine. After having them framed, I reach out to my network for help getting them up on my walls, because of all my talents, straight lines are not something I excel at. Lucky for me, I am part of a community that helps each other out, and it wasn’t long before I had a volunteer. We swapped messages about schedules and some casual jokes about digital dating. A few days later, I needed a date to a ball, and I took a shot in the dark based on the previously mentioned FB messages. After assuring him I looked fantastic in an evening gown, he agreed to be my escort for the evening. 

It is truly amazing when you consider how the smallest choices can change your life beyond belief. The third conversation that I had with this guy was “Hey, I’m leaving for a year… don’t get attached”. It was like I looked two four year olds in the eyes and said “don’t push the red button”, because it became abundantly apparent in a very short period of time that neither of us were going to be able to stick to that promise. 

I know what you’re thinking.. what kind of fun loving gal falls in love with a guy before leaving for an entire year… but lemme tell ya, not only did I not have any control over the situation, given the opportunity to rewind, I wouldn’t change a thing. My #PIC is the perfect Partner in Crime.  We laugh, we smile, we push PDA to the limit (extra fun in the south).  We both drink rye whiskey (which makes the trips to the liquor store easier) and even though he has an affinity for tofu, he indulges my constant need for cheeseburgers. We don’t judge each other, and our expectation don’t go beyond honesty and adoration. Neither of us are perfect, and we each have a past, but we spend our time giving each other giggle inducing shit instead of focusing on who we were before we were us. He’s promised to be my number one fan on this journey I’m taking, and I have no doubt in my mind he’ll carry that torch. Oh, and he’s coming to see me in Vietnam. #happygirl. 

The Countdown

I admire the strength it took for him to watch me prepare to leave him for a year over the last few weeks. He walked me right up to security and stood by as I weaved my way through the longest Precheck line I’ve ever been in
Edit (way too spoiled by BHM). I could go on for days about what a rockstar human being he is, but I’ll leave it at this: if this Random gal threw down the drawbridge and let him in, trust me, he’s a good one. 


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