Welcome to the adventure

I still remember they first time I said it out loud.  We were sitting at dinner in St. Croix, and I looked across the table to my now ex and said “I want to start a blog”.  It made perfect sense at the time.  I have random thoughts.  People like to read other people’s random thoughts.   It’s a match made in internet fame heaven.  But like most other things, I smothered the dream under work and deadlines and career advancement (and if we’re being honest, more than a few whiskey fueled evenings).  But here we are.  I’m blogging.  And it makes even more sense now.

Back in December, I was introduced to a program called Remote Year.  Think study abroad, but for people with jobs and without trust funds.  I’m not knocking trust funds -I wish I had one.  But alas, I have to find another way to see the world, and Remote Year is that way.  After months of agonizing over the decision, a process that included my (now ex) therapist, my family, friends (almost lost one over it) and even some random strangers at bars, I took the plunge and threw down the deposit.

On May 26th, I will depart from the Atlanta airport to join the Remote Year Earhart program, and it is a personal goal of mine to not return until this year is over.  I’ll live and work in 12 different cities around the world, for roughly a month each, with 49 other like-minded nomads.  Where am I trekking off to?  I’m glad you asked.

June – Split, Croatia

July – Budapest, Hungary

August – Lisbon, Portugal

September – Hanoi, Vietnam

October – Chiang Mai, Thailand

November – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

December – Buenos Aires, Argentina

January – Cordoba, Argentina

February – Lima, Peru

March – Medellin, Colombia

April – Bogota, Colombia

May – Mexico City, Mexico

Besides calling the 12 cities home, I’ve also got side trips planned to London, The Yacht Week – Croatia, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Ibiza, Morocco, Myanmar, Japan, and Antartica – and that list is only going to grow.

Short and sweet, that’s the skinny on my adventure into not only the blogging world, but the actual world itself.  Whatcha say, want to follow along?